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Our exclusive Canine Cardio Support Formula was developed by a prominent client and avid dog lover, a PhD and Distinguished Professor, who wanted to help all dogs, regardless of breed, to manage or possibly prevent Nutritional DCM. After years of devoting his personal time to this research, he developed a specific formula of amino acids and enzymes necessary for heart health and function. This supplementation and diet program has been independently tested for over 6 years and continues to show great success. At the request of our clients, House of Hoytt has completed the development and testing of combining these nutrients into a convenient, easy to give all-in-one powder. This eliminates the hassel of giving up to 20 capsules per day to provide equal supplementation to your dog, along with eliminating the guess-work of which supplement is best to purchase for your dog. All ingredients are pure with no additives.

This formula is to be given in conjuction with Wild Alaskan Fish Oil to complete the supplementation protocol, along with a grain-inclusive diet.

Each 12 ounce container will supply one +50lb dog for 30 days.

Heart & Soul Canine Cardio Support Formula

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